Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eidul Mubarak 1429H!

Salam to all,

Wishing all of you eidul mubarak 1429H.
Seek parents' blessings during eidul fitri is the most precious moment in life.Cheerish it. Do not take it for granted.This is one of the part of getting more wealth and reward both in this world and in the hereafter.

Sorry for everything.
Thanks for reading my articles although it has been long time l have not updated my blog due to unforeseen circumstances.Feel free to drop any news as long as it is not seditious as l am not going to allow it at any cost!

Well, keep in touch and be careful on the road.
Do not forget to do your revision!

Take care.

Anda mampu mengubahnya!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Assaamualikum maam....i take diz chance to wish u hapy belated hari raye eidul fitri....walaupun xda duit raye dari maam, sye rase sudah memadai dgn ilmu yg maam dah berikan pada sye n rakan2....sye wakil dari kwn2...ingin meyusun sepuluh jari memohon maaf atas segala perlakuan kami smse spanjang perkenalan kite....sye bharap dgn berkat doa maam mgiringi sye arinie mmasuki dewan peperiksaan bg menduduki exam law240 walaupn sye rse sye kurang persediaan kerana kslahan sye sendiri...i will try my best n wish me luck....take care...ada umur yg pnjg, kite bjupe lagi....Salam......-qifamihar acd3ad-