Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eidul Mubarak 1429H!

Salam to all,

Wishing all of you eidul mubarak 1429H.
Seek parents' blessings during eidul fitri is the most precious moment in life.Cheerish it. Do not take it for granted.This is one of the part of getting more wealth and reward both in this world and in the hereafter.

Sorry for everything.
Thanks for reading my articles although it has been long time l have not updated my blog due to unforeseen circumstances.Feel free to drop any news as long as it is not seditious as l am not going to allow it at any cost!

Well, keep in touch and be careful on the road.
Do not forget to do your revision!

Take care.

Anda mampu mengubahnya!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cash is king!

Salam to all,

Early August, l went to Sarawak to present paper at Malaysian Studies international Conference on social issue. I was there for 4 (four) days. The weather was extremely hot in the morning but rainy on the afternoon. Upun my arrival to KL, l was caught with fever and flu for almoat a week! I did not even touch my laptop for not being comfortable and not feeling very well. I spent time on reading and searhing for my additional resources for my phd research.

Last week, went to Melaka attending legal research and writing courses for 2 days. Followed with 2 days spent time at IIUM library and MU library for the books. I am very happy to see my old studying place (IIUM) which is closed to my heart.

During my college days, every time l went to Jaya Jusco or Carrefour, l would check my budget and expenses. Those days, we paid everything by cash. When we start working, we have the pelasure of using the plastic ( credit card). But, trust me, the latter cannot beat the satisfaction of paying based on your existing cash flow as you will not end up making debt day after day.

So, make sure you have marked three (3) categories in your cash flow : one third is your expenses, 1/3 will be your saving and 1/3 will be your investment / give it to your parents. Remember , the monwy that we give to our parents gives more blessings and peace of mind in our life.

Till then, pay as you go. If you cannot afford it in the first place, save your money
for a few months until you can afford it and pay by cash!If we practise it, we will reach independence by having debt free and peace of mind. That's one aspect of being financially independence.

Happy independence day and welcome Ramadan 1429H.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Best wishes!

Salam dear all,

Thank you for the comments given. I appreciate it. Although l did not have specific time to update my blog as l wish l could, l will try my best to find some little time to reply and share my thought.

Last 2 months were among the hectic schedule in which l was not feeling very week for quite some time. I went to Shah Alam to attend faculty meetings and taught business law during last semester break and had a limited time for marking 58 answer scripts.

Still, in between, l managed to meet my future phd supervisor and a great time discussing some grey areas. I have an urgent task to prepare for my phd proposal.

I hope you will appreciate your free time. Do not let it wasted without any preparation.

Best wishes for the new semester!

Take care.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aloha Malaysia!

Salam to dear all,

l am back from Korea airport to KLIA on 28/5/08.

Truly happy for enjoying the trip to Hawaii and satisfied for the pleasure of being able to have presented my two (2) papers at such a prestigious international conference on Business at Waikiki, Honolulu, USA for almost a week!

Having said that, l also miss my two lovely kids at home, waiting patiently for my return with my beloved and sporting hubby! He has always been for me, thanks for his and family fully supports and encouragement.

Not forgetting, my mum's countless prayes on my safely return from oversea's trip. She also has been my supporter since l was born! Syukran ya ummi!

Well, l has an important tasks to continue spreading the message of the benefits of paper presentation, writing of articles, books and short stories, well why not!

Keep on reading and l will keep on writing.

Still remember Mrs. Clinton's powerful campaign that she used this sentence...inter alia " Never giving up and never giving in!" Me too!

Salam from KL

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Regarding the talk that Puan give last night,i have some questions to ask Puan. I don`t know where actually to ask,so here it is ;
i)If a company `gulung tikar ( insolvent)`,then for some time,the owner wants to start it up again,can he re-use the previous company name?
ii)I myself not a diploma n degree holder,can i open up a business? I have no knowledge about business. Where should i go?

Before doing freelance marketing with AmAssurance(AmBank Group),i used to sell cars,work as sales assistant with Jaya Jusco,7-11. All have to do with sales.

My answers to student :

(1) If the company is wound up, provided he has settled all the company debts owed to the receiver managers ( Official Assignee) . Then, the OA can lift the company’s bankruptcy status and the said owner can reuse his previous company’s name;
(2) Increase your knowledge first , Then, work with someone first to gain experience. Obrserve with your heart and mind. Be passionate about becoming a businessman. Otherwise, just forget about it. Business means a lifetime commitment. If you cannot stand just a day be becoming a businessman, so it is not meant for you! Have a people skill is also important. Be independent your own. Know basic things on accounting.
(3) Your previous experience can be taken as marketing and sales experience. That’s good!Use it and sharp your ability. Improve your communication skill. It shows that you have some proper networking to begin with. Follow up with the previous employers can be a good step to go further into the business field.

Well done & wishing you all the very best that life can offer to you.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Salam to dear all,

It has been such a long time since, l have the opportunity to update my blog!
Due to enormous dateline, preparation for paper presentation at 8th Annual International Conference on Business at Honolulu, Waikiki, USA from 22-25/5/08. I will be departing from KLIA from 20/5 onwards and will return to Msia on 28/5/08.

Last night, l gave entreprenuer talk for two (2) hours to students.
Really enjoyed giving talk to them...

Best of luck and Mahalo! (Thank you)


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time wait for no one!

Salam to all,

We have 24 hours a day. Every hour is precious. One of the way to be successful is to manage proper schedule and follow it without fail.

I notice some of students use to start the assignment task a few days before the submission day!What happened to previous few weeks?

Let start cracking. You are at your own peril to waste it before you realize how bad it is to procastinate task and start to panic!

No excuse and no NO answer!

Best wishes!